And the Winners Are ….

The General Election ended tonight and closed with a silent thud.  Much of Talossa watched the past few days as the last few votes were cast. And we are sure the SOS is still up counting the ballots.

Talossa rose as proof of the honor and zeal of her people shone through the evening. The RUMP rose in tremendous victory (52.7%) over the struggling PP (33.8%).  The newly arrived ZPT (9.5%) took an amazing 7 votes.  The FGP (2.7%) accidentally had received two votes that were counted as well as Weckstrom’s single vote bought and paid for as the DPD (1.35%).

While we wait the official numbers still the RUMP has clearly and silently managed so secure yet another Cosa in complete control of the Government.

It is with great sadness that the “three strike” law took many Talossans from us this night.  Mark Franklin, Tom Onyango, Evan Campbell, Joel Wood, Mark Zeitler, Javier Ferrari, Dean Menezes, Ian A. von Metairia, Peter Kabachnik, and Yassine Khalifi

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  1. 1

    Having nearly DOUBLED it’s percentage of votes from the previous election (its first), I’d say the PP was far from “struggling.” I refrain from commenting on “amazing.”

    Congratulations to all, and I, for (I’m sure not just) one, am glad to be done with the election.

  2. 2

    The PP did struggle, it was off to a great start and could have unified the ENTIRE OPPOSITION, instead it went only half way.

    The ZPT returned to Talossa and was more than just a one man party this election. The fact that the ZPT managed to pull some additional votes even though “others” worked hard to undermine those votes… that is amazing.

    Still the RUMP held a clear majority. Even if the PP managed to gain the favor and trust of the rest of the opposition it would have had to work harder on slapping the RUMP into submission.

  3. Eovart Grischun #

    I think it comes down to a matter of opinion. Well I am surprised that the ZPT got more than 3 votes, I would not go as far to class it as amazing.
    Looking at the swing trends…The PP’s share of the vote rose while the RUMP’s share decreased based on the last election(and this was a ballot with less parties than last time)! It can harly be accurate to say the PP struggled.

  4. 4

    First it is “opinion” then it is inaccurate… :)

    The PP had a good chance to oust the RUMP government if it was working for a unified Opposition. As far as the Opposition in general I agree there was a lot of traction gained. But it was not the PP that really stepped out in this election but the other than the FGP and other odd votes that were cast for the PP. Gains were made but they have been over rated.

    Takeaway: Don’t vote before you see the election really get underway and the true situation is exposed. The PP could have changed the course of this entire election by creating a unified opposition.