GV on Talossa

We had the immense pleasure to interview GV (Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h), whose participation in and contribution to Talossan history has been more than relevant. 
Xhorxh: How did you learn about Talossa?
GV: I was one of the “Wired kids” who learned through Wired magazine issue March 2000.
That was in March of that year. I forgot about the article until May when it came back to my mind.
6 June 2000 I made my 1st post to what was then Wittenberg VI.
Xhorxh: Who is GV and what does he do for a living?
GV: No day job at the moment, but www.transposemysong.com is a part of the mix along with my professional music gigs.
Xhorxh: What are your hobbies and pastimes?
GV: Talossa, online gaming (too much of that), computer games (empire-building, mainly)
Xhorxh: Where do you stand in relation to the Kingdom now?
GV: If I have to say so myself, if there is one Talossan who is a bridge between Kingdom and Republic, it is I. More than any other Republic citizen, I’ve trolled the Kingdom Witt and made friends with the newish (to me, anyway) Kingdom citizens. More new Kingdom citizens know me than they know anyone else ‘down south’, but if that’s as far as the Kingdom is willing to go, it’s pointless save that I have friends on both sides of the fence.
Xhorxh: If you had to compare the present state of affairs in the Kingdom and in the Republic, how would you analyze it?
GV: Indifference on the part of the Kingdom. Sad resignation on the part of the Republic.
Xhorxh: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”
GV: Lol
Xhorxh: What’s keeping that dream from happening? What should be done?
GV: The fact that the Kingdom alienated the old-growth is a crime. And it was done by John Woolley’s election as monarch, which alienated them. I don’t think John and his folks meant to do that, however. They know very well I’ve been imploring them to come to our Witt and try to initiate some sort of dialogue for years, and they have done nothing. Manus has hardly ever visited us, Q certainly has not, and worst of all, Woolley has been completely absent. Until he can win the hearts and minds of those down south, he can never call himself “King of Talossa”, because he is no king of ours. A good man, yes.
Xhorxh: Why are so few people interested in joining the Republic?
GV: That’s a good question and one not easily answered. I really dont’ know.
Xhorxh: And why are people in the Republic so uninterested in practicing the Glhetg and producing works in it?
GV: Real life. There has never been much interest outside of a small cadre in the language. It was like that in the old Kingdom.  Back then, it was Ben and Tomás. And little else.
Xhorxh: Do you think the Glhetg is too complex and hard to learn and thus should be simplified?
GV: No. It’s partly due to there not being (for the old 2.0 version) good learnign aids. But it really boils down to real-life priorities getting in the way.
Xhorxh: If you could form a joint group to discuss and work towards an improvement in Kingdom-Republic relations, who would you choose? Why?
GV: Kingdom: Fritz, Woolley [King John], Manus [Lord Hooligan], Q [Quedéir Castiglha]. Fritz because of his Milwaukee connections, Woolley for regnal reasons, Manus because he’s a level-headed guy, Q because he was deeply hurt by the schism. Republic: Miestrâ [Schivâ], Ián Anglatzarâ., Dieter [Vercáriâ], Gruber [Kane Dal Nava], and [Art] Verbotten. I’d also include the current Republic president [Txec dàl Már], and to even things out in the Kingdom, I’d have one of the newer citizens, but never JP. The manner of JP’s exit from the Republic burned more bridges than can ever be imagined.
Xhorxh: Is it possible that Art Verbotten will ever make up with us?
GV: I think he’d like to, but to do so would be to alienate him from at least a few good friends in the Republic. He doesn’t want to do that.
Xhorxh: What’s your political stance in the Republic nowadays?
GV: Neutral. I honestly don’t care who wins in the next elections. Government will be good any way it goes.
Xhorxh: What would you tell Talossan newbies to do?
GV: Get to know both Witts and both Talossas. If one really wants to get a feel for the Talossa of yesterday as it exists today, visit the Republic. If one wants to get a different view on things, visit the Kingdom in which will be found the legal traditions of the old Kingdom. The best parts of the spirit of the old Kingdom will be found int he Republic. If one is to have an understanding of Talossa, one must get to know both communities.
Xhorxh: It’s been SO nice talking with you. Great (and candid) interview!
GV: Certainly.

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