Flip Molinar on Talossa

Flip Molinar is one of our brightest, best-talented young Talossans. He gave us this interview earlier today

Xhorxh: Who is Flip and how did he learn about Talossa? 

Flip: I am a 19-year-old from Elgin, Illinois. I discovered Talossa through Wikipedia.

Xhorxh: What are your hobbies, your likes and dislikes?
 Flip: computer gaming, history, and social activism; I dislike liars.

 Xhorxh: Do your Talossan and American sides share the same political views?
 Flip: Yes, by nature I am a Democratic Socialist and I support many of the same principles [such as TAID] in Talossa.
Xhorxh: What do you tell your friends about Talossa, and how do they react?
Flip: I tell them about its rich culture and history but most think it’s just another micronation.
 Xhorxh: What makes you happy and sad about Talossa?
Flip: I am extremely happy that we are a global society where individuals can bond and solve problems allowing us to fully appreciate those of different cultures or backgrounds; however, I hate the fighting that is synonymous with election season.
Xhorxh: You’re different from most in the sense that you never get involved in fights
Do you think your elegance and balance would make you a good seneschal in the future?
Flip: I think that is definitely a possibility. I am not interested in fighting but rather being focused on what’s best for Talossa.
Xhorxh: Why has Talossa been so slow and boring lately and how could things get better? 
Flip: I am not sure why, but I think that we need to become more than just a one-dimensional political chatroom, like we’ve become. So many people join expecting a rich culture and festivities, only to be bombarded with politics. This false advertising must stop.
Xhorxh: Who are your best Talossan friends?
Flip: My best Talossan friends are Eovart Grishun, JP, Mick Sir Fritz and yourself.
Xhorxh: I know many PPers disliked me for my (alleged) mudslinging. How come they accepted me so openly in the PP?
Flip: Because now is the time to move past the bickering and get down to making Talossa the best nation it can be.
Xhorxh: You’re a great lawmaker. Do you intend to pursue a political career in the US (at least on the local level)?
Flip: How did you know? I plan to be very involved in politics and community activism.
Xhorxh: Obama started just like that
Flip: Yes, but hopefully I will have more grit than he has shown.
Xhorxh: What kind of community activism could we use in Talossa?
Flip: Projects to alleviate world poverty and suffering.
Xhorxh:How about the King? He’s been almost completely inactive for a long time. Should we give him hell, replace him, or what?
Flip:I would say a rep post should be created as you brought up to represent him in public.
Xhorxh: What would you tell the newbies to do and not to do?
Flip: I would say, don’t be shy, ask questions, start projects but don’t quit or get discouraged.
Xhorxh: Thanx a lot for your cool interview.

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    It’s a great country where I can consider someone who is the polar opposite of me politically a friend and compatriate. Great interview, guys.