Meet the Talossans

By Tycho van Die

For a long time, Talossa was asleep and silence dominated Wittenberg. This ended a few days ago. Suddenly it seemed like an alarm clock awakened Talossa from its sleep. Result: Talossa is moody. Some people are moody, because they feel like Talossa overslept, some because they are still tired and want to sleep again. No relaxed awakening, but fighting and personal attacks from both sides. It resulted in a senator resigning: Alexander Davis decided to quit his job after what he felt was an attack on the SoS and some criticism regarding his decision to vote against every PP-bill. After that, there seemed to be peace again, but there’s still a lot of tension.

Even though I am one of the newest citizens of this weird but wonderful country, this is not the first time I experienced chaos and fighting. It’s the third time. The first time was during the elections. It started as a political game between the ZPT and the PP, but things got out of hand. It resulted in a lot of personal attacks and negative campaigning. The second time was just after the elections, when Owen Edwards left. The result was, again, fighting, which didn’t stop until Alexandreu Likazar Bisquinc surprised everyone with a great speech and succeeded in bringing back peace (and Istefan Lorentzescu) to Wittenberg.

After that, the silence begun. A good description of everything that has happened was made by Eovart Grishun, when Çesli da Chilseu returned and asked for a description of the recent events using less than 15 words: “There was a period of madness and now there’s a period of quietness.” Nobody could have said it in a better way, but a few days after he’d said it, the madness started again. I’m back in the present. 

Since this is the last part of this article, it’s time for some sentences expressing hope for the future or containing a conclusion or telling everyone what there is to learn from all of this, but honestly I don’t exactly know what I should say. Maybe it’s best to say this madness is just a part of Talossan culture. Obviously there are times when madness is not present, but usually it’s silent then and that isn’t good for Talossa either. Of course it is a good idea to stop all the negativity and all the fighting, but the chaos will probably never disappear. Like our Seneschal said (in Talossan): “madness? NO, THIS IS TALOSSA!”

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  1. Mick Preston #

    The Kingdom of Talossa is like a family. Ok, a somewhat dysfunctional family, but still.

    We agree to disagree. Sometimes, we yell at each other that we are agreeing to disagree. What our family suffers under is that we are typing words to each other, and not saying them. Voice inflections mean more than smilicons. We get short with each other, because we are responding to typed words – not a face behind those words.

    Breneir and I met at crossed ideas, but not crossed words. Breneir was concerned, that I would take his comments as a slam against me. Far from it. I wish people would stand up to me, and challenge me.. in a civil way. I consider Breneir a friend. Just like everyone else in the KOT.

    You can tell me I am a knucklehead, but you better be able to defend it. And respect my opinion.

    It’s when you disrespect my idea, that I have a problem.

    Oft times, we speak in haste- when after a good night’s sleep, we would answer differently.

    I ask that we Talossans do like carpenters with our words – Measure twice, cut once.

  2. 2

    Great article. Good writing style.