Witt Update – August 27-29, 2009

* King John announced that he is leaving for a bit of spiritual refreshment, during his leave, the King appointed a Regent, Prince Patrick, to hold the reigns should they be needed.

* The welcome back of Lord Q continued.

* More prospectives enter the Kingdom for review, Lord Hooligan continues his hand on the door introducing them to Talossa.

* King John places his signature on to 40RZ3 – The Talossification of Penguins Act and 40RZ4 – The HCE Act

* Sir C.M. Siervicül announced he and his family are moving across the US. We wish them safe journey and a swift move!

* Ventrutx posted Music Appreciation: Opera … a great discussion of music follows, be sure to listen to the You Tube clips as well as pick up a copy of the Talossan operas El Taloçait d’Isiviglha and El Mariatx da Cascourös

* Talossan Fantasy Football Leage is in discussion….

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