Interview: Mick Preston on Talossa

SoS Mick Preston has just granted a Spartan but significant interview to Glüm’s Xhorxh Asmour: 

MPrestWhat does Mick do in real life?

He works for a Software Company that caters to the Automobile Dealers. System Admin, Customer Service, just about everything.

Are you married? Any kids?

I got divorced in ‘92, never remarried. One – he’s 20 now. Goes to the university that is about 2 miles from my house.

Any pets?

I have a Whippet.

How did you bump into Talossa?

I went to high school with Troy (Sir Trotxa Betiñeir) – he was a year behind me. He married one of my classmates. Troy and Manus (Lord Hooligan) needed another player for the Fantasy Football League. Manus I knew of through Diplomacy for 10 years – but hadn’t met him until Talossa West.

Favorite readings, hobbies, pastimes…?

Not many – I enjoy crime shows.

One good thing Talossa used to have that it doesn’t anymore?


Why do you think people like your work as SoS so much?

Because they don’t have to do it.

Ben Madison has recently contacted James Farris, one of our prospectives, telling him we’re a fake, “copycat” group. What do you think of that?

I think Ben is trying to reclaim former glory.

Why do you keep such a low profile?

To be honest… I don’t like the state of Witt today. The pre-election fighting, the personal attacks, the bullheadedness of some members.

What do you think about the 3-Strikes Law?

I’m totally for it. If you can’t vote once in 2 years, you need to go ahead and resign.

What would you say to the recent quitters?

Thanks for the time you spent here – and we’ll leave a light on, if you decide to come back.

And many thanks from Glüm for your time!


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    Great interview! Keep ‘em comin’!