Witt Update – August 16-26 2009

* Min Cult Eovart Grischun launches “Better Know Talossa”, a series of guides written to help citizens understand the unique and often quirky culture of the Kingdom of Talossa. First part released:  Stemna – A LayMan’s Guide to the College of Arms and the Armorial.

* Monarchy Day celebrated on Aug 24. King John granted arms to Mic’haglh Soliani and Réxhifjörd Taglheir.

* Proclamation of mourning for Corazon Aquino, Philippine ex-president who died Aug 20 at 76.

* JP asks all to pray for his beloved grandmother, who was diagnosed with cancer last Saturday. She opted not to take chemotherapy and undergo surgery. May she get well soon!

* zzzzzz Low activity and widespread boredom continues on Witt.

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  1. Eovart Grischun #

    Prayers being said for Grandmother Griffin. Get well soon.