Witt News Update – August 13-16 2009

glum_zzz1* The Zzzzzzzz continue with not much being said…

* Owen’s “Legacy” as seemingly encouraged by the PP (Éovart Grischun) by publishing the Poetry Contest.   Owen’s “Legacy” continues as Istefan Lorentzescu renounces his Talossan citizenship apparently because of the PP trying to spin Owen as a hero.  Although it is sad to have a Talossan leave for any reason,  the point is well taken.  It does seem strange to try and create an aura of “greatness” around someone like Owen who renounced his citizenship and chose to leave Talossa.  Is this the stuff heroes are made of?  Seems that way for the PP.

Editor’s note: GLUM does not endorse personal opinions in the newscast and S:reu Ventrutx has been instructed as such. We sincerely apologize to our readers!

* ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

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