Witt News Update – August 8-9 2009

* Ma Lord Hooligan announced El Guizua is finally back from the publishers! The first copies are running to the hands of Talossans and Amazon.com will soon carry copies of El Guizua on their website! Read the Announcment on Witt!  A HUGE accomplishment for Lord Hooligan, the Talossan language and the Kingdom of Talossa!

* GLÜM posted another translation of Talossa’s Historical Outline, this one in Italian!  Posted by Mic’haglh Altavilla.

* Discussion continues on the Currency and Passports and papers.

* Iusti Canun founded a Star Trek Cult of some kind calling himself  Space Pope Eugene the Second.

* The Hopper is a buzz with the Senates Reform II that seems to be trying to win over the Senats to reform again.  The Freedom of Information and Privacy Act seems to be gaining some support but still is being worked on.

* The chat room is still talking about the Happy with Obama? thread and the  Scientology thread.

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