Interview: Nic Casalmac’h on Talossa

Customarily shy and mysterious, Pirate Captain, Senator and Ex-Minister of Culture Nic Casalmac’h was unusually talkative today and granted us a delicious interview on Talossan affairs and her own life. Good for reading while enjoying a glass of cold, red wine. niccasalmac'h

Xhorxh: What does the “captain” title have to do with your real-life profile?

Capt. Nic: I was always fascinated by the book “Swallows and Amazons”, by Arthur Ransome, which is about two boats and the kids that sail them, captains, mates, able-bodied seaman and cabin boy. So when my brother and I bought our boat, the Piranha, I became captain, and he my first mate.

Xhorxh: What are your favorite readings, TV shows and kinds of music?

Capt. Nic: I don’t really watch TV much, though I would have to say my favorite show is Firefly; it is a pity it was taken off the air. The music I tend to prefer is classical music or soundtracks; I especially like music with an epic feel and without words so I can concentrate on my writing, as that is usually when I listen to music. As for what I like to read, lately I especially enjoy the works of G.K. Chesterton, for they give one such an enthusiasm and joy for life, but I also enjoy reading whatever good fantasy I can get my hands on, especially Lord of the Rings, The Space Trilogy, and Lilith, as well as books like Swallows and Amazons.

Xhorxh: How do you feel about your work as Minister of Culture in the past?

Capt. Nic: I was not satisfied with it then and really I still am not, but I tend to be rather a perfectionist. It is the sort of work that I would have needed a great deal more time to devote to in order to accomplish anything satisfactory. Also, culture is an area that really needs people rather than government involvement.

Xhorxh: What do you think of the 3-strikes law, which has been cutting off some of Talossa’s most traditional heads?

Capt. Nic: I never really liked it all that much because it tied citizenship to the political process too much and Talossa is more than just a government. Yet on the other hand I see the need for having some sort of cut-off because people do just drift away and quite possibly forget all about Talossa. It certainly is not ideal, but it seems to me we have to work with what we have.

Xhorxh: And how do you see the revival of Talossan culture, with Hool’s new, superb grammar, Iustì Canun’s excellent Talossan translation of the OrgLaw and the TNP, TPA and Glüm?

Capt. Nic: That does not really seem to me to qualify as a revival of culture. It is a good start for sure and I do not want to disparage these things, but culture is far more than that, involving an entire people. Until we have more than just a few people interested in Talossan culture, we never really have a revival in culture as I see it. Culture is not the sort of thing one should have to think about constantly; it should be a part of one’s every day life.

Xhorxh: Wow, intelligent answers! Our readers will LOVE this interview!

Capt. Nic: And maybe they will listen to it. That is the sort of thing I have been saying constantly. Though more so when I was Minister of Culture.

Xhorxh: Sen. Alexander Davis is about to start his new Civics Course, including Talossan history and even a chapter written by the Republicans. How do you like that?

Capt. Nic: I think that is a great idea. Talossan history is one of those things that I think is vital for new citizens to understand in order to truly participate valuably in Talossa. I know I wish I had understood more when I was a new citizen and involved in all sorts of country-changing decisions. Actually I think there ought to be more of a connection to Talossan history with the immigration process so that people do not think they are just joining a forum that calls itself a nation. As I said, I think it is a great idea, but without seeing the actual content of the course I cannot really comment too much more on it.

Xhorxh: Do you think the Glum’s initiative of publishing Talossa’s Historical Outline in several languages can give Internet surfers a good glance of what Talossa is like and subsequently get them eagerly interested in joining?

Capt. Nic: It is hard to really get an idea of what Talossa is like from something so short, but I think that is a good start. I like that it is in different languages, though I think el Glhetg ought to have been the first.

Xhorxh: After Old Hool’s long reign we finally have a young Seneschal, Iustì Canun, also a meeean translator. How do you see that? And how did you like JP’s work as Seneschal?

Capt. Nic: I was not really around enough to notice JP doing much. I think he did a fine job, though. I am quite glad that Iustì Canun became a Talossan citizen and feel quite sure that he will be a valuable asset to Talossa. I was actually the one who petitioned for him the first time he tried to join because I thought he would be, and that petition being blocked is part of what increased my disgruntlement with the current immigration process. I look forward to seeing how he will do as Seneschal.

Xhorxh: What should be changed in the immigration process?

Capt. Nic: This is rather a broad topic and would take a great deal of time to answer. Briefly, I think that it needs to be less connected to the internet and the online forum. The current process makes it so that those who will be valuable citizens may not necessarily be able to join Talossa just because they do not post enough on Witt. It emphasizes quantity over quality. I would like to see a more personal process. Perhaps also it would be good to require a little more of citizens rather than posting on our forum. I think personal connection is more important than being able to dash off a mispelled forum post. We are, after all, a community.

Xhorxh: Lastly, there’s a heated discussion on Witt about the possible creation of a government (or private) organization to raise funds for international relief work. How do you view that?

Capt. Nic: The idea of an organization for international relief work came up twice in the Senate. As a senator, I was against it both times. I really do not think that it is in the best interest of Talossa at this point. I think we should be concentrating on our own nation. Until then I think such relief work should be left to what organizations already exist in the world and private initiative.

Xhorxh: Thanx a million, Nic!!!!

Capt. Nic: You’re welcome. It was good talking to you. I’ll try and be a little more connected. Areivi!

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    I must say excellent interview, getting the citizen that was just nominated for a position by our new Seneschal, very good job Xhorxh!