Interview: Éovart Grischun on Talossa

Today we’re having Talossan journalist and… er… ex-politician Éovart Grischun for an interview.

Xhorxh: Tell us about your school history, real life political involvements, and why you chose such a rare activity as locksmith.

Grischun: I attended a Roman Catholic Secondary School (or High School for our American friends), kept my nose out of trouble and in the books. I always wanted to achieve something with myself. I managed good grades and moved from there to college where I got a Higher National Certificate in Computing (specifically for Programming and Technical Support). When I left college I bounced from dead end to job to dead end job for a couple of years before deciding to become self-employed and open my own business. I now operate 3 businesses: an automotive window tinting shop, a signmaking shop and a locksmith business. I’m also planning on opening an electrical wholesale center next year. I just see holes in the market and go for it. Politically I am an activist for the Scottish National Party. I believe that Scotland should be independent from the United Kingdom.

Xhorxh: What attracted you to Talossa in the first place?

Grischun: I was channel hopping one night and ended up watching a TV show called “How to Start Your Own Country”. It was all about micronations. I was really captured by the idea that some people do it, so after the show I went online, did some Wiki and Google and found what I thought to be a safe bet….Talossa. The rest is history now.

Xhorxh: What do you like to do in your free time?

Grischun: TALOSSA! Ha, seriously though, I don’t get much free time. I work about 70 hours per week and have a family, so free time is a luxury that I don’t seem to get. When I do end up with a few hours to myself I like to go to the cinema or to the swimming baths. At the weekends I spend most of my time with my daughter, taking her to the park or something.

Xhorxh: Stil da Vida is a great magazine. Have you had other writing and publishing experiences before?

Grischun: No. I am actually surprising myself with what I have done. I was always good at writing during my school days though. I got a Higher B grade in English, which is a really good grade in the UK. Universities normally accept C grade students, so I guess I have an untapped talent. That’s the best thing about Talossa, it gives you the opportunities to be whatever you like. Your talents are allowed to shine through in Talossa when it may be difficult to in your normal day life.

Xhorxh: What was your intention or objective starting the TPA?

Grischun: I have always found it a real shame that there are organisations on the website that don’t seem to do anything or have a real purpose. I have always been looking for ways to change that. That’s the reason I started TAPZS and also now the press association. I have no personal objectives as such for doing so, it’s only my contribution to making the Kingdom’s website more full and providing services to the nation.

Xhorxh: Do you think Talossa is a real country or a micronation?

Grischun: I definitely do not see Talossa as a micronation. In the ‘legal’ sense I view Talossa as a “city-state”, which according to Wiki is an independent country whose territory consists solely of a single major city and the area immediately surrounding it. So to answer your question, to me Talossa is a real and very legal country in international law. It is just unrecognised.

Xhorxh: The opposition grew a lot in this last election. What does that mean to you?

Grischun: Right now, nothing. I don’t have the taste for political parties right now, hence the TLC badge. I suppose it’s a good thing for the political scene though. It’s somewhat dangerous for a single party to grow to a level that it can be unchallenged in what it does as a government. This next Cosa is more balanced and that can only be good for the country.

Xhorxh: What do you think about some old-time Talossans not wanting to participate in our political life anymore?

Grischun: If someone does not want to be a part of something, then that’s the way we should let it be. These people make a conscious decision not to involve themselves in Talossa anymore, thus we can’t force them to stay… What are we going to become? The dark side of Cuba? If they strike out, they strike out and they only have themselves to blame. That said, I understand that these folk have done marvels for the country in the past and I have no problem with us honouring them in some way as expatriates.

Xhorxh: Did it come as a surprise to you that Iusti Canun has been appointed Seneschal?

Grischun: Not at all. I’d seen it coming from before the election to be honest. I could see that Lord Hooligan was grooming Canun for the job when he appointed him as the RUMP’s deputy leader. I even said something to that effect to Lord Hooligan at the time. So no, I sort of knew it would happen.

Xhorxh: What about that plan to make Talossa a member of the Non-Aligned Countries Association?

Grischun: The NACA is not for Talossa. Non-aligned countries intentionally place themselves in a position against the world’s “main power bloc”… We are talking about countries like Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and North Korea. The NACA is a dangerous place for Talossa to venture. I believe we will be better off by trying to become a recognized ‘aligned’ country.

Xhorxh: There’s been some discussion on Witt about a few Republicans possibly coming back to the Kingdom. Do you care? If so, do you think we should make any concessions?

Grischun: Yes, I do care. Although I don’t recognise the Republic as a state, I recognise the people there as Talossans and would love to see them come back to the Kingdom. If concessions need to be made, then so be it. We commonly make our own concessions to suit our own needs from within the Kingdom, so why not do the same if it means building a larger and stronger Talossan community? There has to be lines and limits though. The monarchy can not be abolished nor modified in any way, however, if we need to make ammendments to our laws, including the OrgLaw, I don’t see a massive problem in that.

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  1. Eovart Grischun #

    I’m not an ex-politician…I am just not a party politician anymore. Anyway, thanks to GLÜM for the opportunity to express some of my views. I’m loving the format of this site!