Interview: Iustì Canun on Talossa

The Glüm is honored to receive Iustì Canun, the greatest of Talossa’s new talents, for an interview with Xhorxh Asmour.

Xhorxh: The RUMP has won by a slim majority this time. What is this new political reality pointing at?

Canun: Hmmm… I don’t think I’d call it a NEW political reality. We are the RUMP. We are still the present. You know what I mean?

Xhorxh: What are the RUMP’s big plans for this term?

Canun: Well, I don’t know about the big plans just yet. That’s sort of Hooligan’s domain. I do know we already have a few bills in the works.

Xhorxh: Never had the opposition been so close to seizing power. What have been the RUMP’s biggest mistakes and greatest virtues lately?

Canun: Well, lately we haven’t done much in the public eye, if you know what I mean. There’s been some discussion on what I think V calls “the second Witt,” but nothing earth-shattering.

Xhorxh: What has attracted you to Talossa in the first place?

Canun: Well, actually, the language is what attracted me to Talossa.

Xhorxh: How could you become so good at the use of the Glhetg in such a short time?

Canun: I don’t know. I guess it’s just me doing what I love.

Xhorxh: What are you doing in your private life? What career are you pursuing?

Canun: Well, I’m in college at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, majoring in International Business, minoring in Russian.

Xhorxh: Do you talk about Talossa at the university?

Canun: When people will listen.

Xhorxh: Have you convinced any of your friends to join Talossa yet?

Canun: Sadly, no.

Xhorxh: What do your parents say about your being so dedicated to Talossa?

Canun: I don’t think my parents know. If they did, they probably would’ve made me quit by now.

Xhorxh: How do you intend to make Maricopa come alive again?

Canun: Well, we’re actually going to convene the Cleivi this time around.

Xhorxh: But have you thought of any new ideas or maybe new bills?

Canun: I hope that I can work with you (and others) to improve our Province. I have one or two for the Cosa, but none for the Provincial level yet.

Xhorxh: Are you planning to write a really big literary work in the future, like a Talossan dictionary, a glossary of International Business, something big and of great importance to Talossa?

Canun: I think the OrgLaw translation is my last great contribution for a little while. Though I did start on your Historical Outline yesterday.

Xhorxh: Cool. Looking forward to seeing that! Now, what’s so special about Talossa that makes people want to join?

Canun: I think it’s different for different people. Talossa just has something for everybody.

Xhorxh: And for you?

Canun: Some (like me) are here because of the language. Some are here because they like politics.

Xhorxh: You don’t seem to be the kind of person who gets very excited about something and then loses interest in a short time. Do you think you’re in Talossa to stay?

Canun: Oh, yes. The language alone is enough to keep me interested.

Xhorxh: As a CÚG member, what plans would you have for further changes in the Glhetg?

Canun: I think it’s fine as-is. The Arestada did its job.

Xhorxh: Do you agree that the latest Arestada was necessary?

Canun: Well, it certainly made it quite a bit easier to learn. I came here sort of on the edge between the two orthographies. So, really, the new orthography is what I’ve had from the start.

Xhorxh: There’s been some discussion on Witt about a possible comeback of some Republican citizens. Do you care? Do you think it would be worthwhile to make a few concessions in order to facilitate that?

Canun: If they want to come back, that’s just fine with me. The Kingdom doesn’t need to compromise.

Xhorxh: Who do you think should be Maricopa’s official entertainer?

Canun: I’m thinking some kind of Latino music, maybe a country singer. I haven’t thought of any names yet.

Xhorxh: What do you think about the Three-Strikes Law? What about Duke Ian Metairia’s leaving Talossa?

Canun: Well, I think a good idea might be to keep a list of all the people who’ve struck out, and if they want to come back in the future, that should be an option. Like we do with immigrants who show up and then disappear, but then they come back later. The “Have a Coca and a Smile” Act comes to mind.

Xhorxh: If you had to choose, who do you think would do a great job as PM?

Canun: I can think of a number of people. Lord Hooligan has done it before, he’d be a good one. Sir Cresti could also.

Xhorxh: This last political campaign was the most heated one in contemporary Talossa. What good comes from it?

Canun: Well, it seemed very much like the American political process this time. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

Xhorxh: What advice would you give to all Talossans?

Canun: Well, we’ve just come out of this really “snappy” election, and “We’ve got to… stay loose, you know? Stay cool. Let the coolness get into our vertebrae.” (History of the World, Part I) Just kind of stop and smell the roses. Chill for a bit, you know?

Xhorxh: Before I forget, my most heartfelt congrats on your appointment to National Scapegoat… er… Seneschal for the next 7-8 months!

Canun: It’s my chance to do something big, you know? I’ve already got quite a bit of the Cabinet picked out. As soon as I hear back from them, we’ll be in good shape!

Xhorxh: Thanx a lot, Iustì. Ah, folks, don’t ever tell his mom about this interview, OK?

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    Again congrats and a great interview scoop by GLUM! Can’t wait until the King makes it official :)

  2. 2

    Congratulations to Iustì on his election as Senator and appointment as PM. We’ll be swearing him in as soon as we can arrange the phone call. I’m really very relieved; I was afraid we were gonna get stuck with Hoolgan again.