Welcome to GLÜM

Welcome to GLÜM, The Talossan Headlight.  The Editors of GLÜM realized that Talossa needed a faster way to get news around rather than having to read countless threads on Wittenberg or page through articles published by fine Talossan authors.  Out of this need GLÜM was born.

GLÜM’s goal is to produce a stream of overviews of Talossan realated news from both online and offlline sources.  The RSS feed is expected to be the most used feature of GLÜM and we know that it will come in handy for those wanting to stay in touch with Talossa and yet are unable due to time constraints.

GLÜM editors will do their best to provide a concise overview of the events unfolding in Talossa along with other services that we hope you will find usefull.

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